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Working voltage: DC 1.8V-3.6V
Frequency range: FM 76-108MHz
16-pin dual flat package
1. Learning electronics.
2. Practical ability.
3. Particularly suitable for use epoxy PCB welding students use rather than for general use paper-based board.
1. FM radio program has a rich, good sound quality, etc.
2. It also has search tuning circuit, the signal detection circuit, a mute circuit and compression frequency offset of the frequency-locked loop FLL circuit.
3. Both receive universal FM station, it can be received school campus radio station. 
How to use:
After the circuit is powered on, press the power button, the circuit starts to work, press SEEK + to search for high-frequency or low-end press SEEK- radio frequency search, automatic search for radio signals, tuning automatically stops, then click on the Search button if The circuit continues to search for radio stations. 
Aircraft such as digital radio tuner that uses electrical tuning buttons (SEEK +, SEEK-), in addition to the volume control buttons (VOL +, VOL-) and the power button (PW).
Package included:
3 X DIY wireless stereo FM radio learning kits

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