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The kit is made of booster coil with professional circuit diagram and convenient for electronic enthusiasts.
This circuit produces a stable high-frequency arc when it works and can easily ignite combustibles such as toilet paper, so it is called plasma lighter.
After the kit is made, the input voltage is 3.7V. That is, a voltage of 18650 batteries.
The paint on the enamel thread of the welding part needs to be scraped away and welded.
The power-on time of one time is controlled within 5 seconds, and can not be powered on for a long time, so as to avoid the burning of the high-voltage package.

Circuit board size: 7.3CM x 3.3CM
Input voltage: 3.7V-4.2V, 1 section 18650 battery
Current: =2A
Output voltage: 0.5KV-0.8KV
Output current: +0.4A
High voltage two stage ignition distance: =0.4 cm
Remote control distance: about 30 meters.
Package Included:

1 x DIY Remote Control Ignition Module Kit(battery not included)

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