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Product introduction:
WIFI module amplifier can be used for wireless smart cloud amplifier system, it is handy and portable. It can be connected directly to 5V USB port, or alternatively powered by a 3.7V Lithium battery. Charged volume display, support 2A efficient charging.
nWIFI module supports 802.11b/g/n standard and can work with wifi AP/AP Client/STA modes. The acoustics is compatible with AirPlay released by APPLE company and DLNA, which set the interconnection standard within the industry, as well as Qplay from QQ music; you can play music from iPhone, Ipad or Ipad touch etc using AirPlay, you can also play music from androids devices with third party players which complies with DLNA standard. When you are connected with the internet multi-room music broadcast is available(when simultaneously one same song or different songs will be playing.
The amplifier gets a rich extension interface, USB port, for instance, allows you to insert SD card or TF card, and voice recognition, when connected to the MIC will enable you to activate voice search. And AUX line-in function is blue-tooth compatible, you can switch between WIFI mode and blue-tooth mode.
There are extremely rich app resources, with many top online players available, like TTPOD, HIMALAYA, Spotify, pandora, etc.
User Manual: Click !
WIFI standard: 802.11b/g/n
frequency range: 2.412GHz-2.484GHz
Transmission power: 12-17dBm
reception sensitivity: -82dBm
transmission range: 10-50M
Frequency range: 50HZ-20KHZ
Sampling frequency:44.1K,48K,96K,192K/24bit
Voltage supply: 5V
Current supply: 500mA-1A
Working temperature: -5℃—40℃
storage temperature: -40℃—100℃
Working current: 150mA-350mA 
Audio transmission protocol: AirPlay, DLNA, QPlay, Spotify Connec
Functions of the keys:
ON/OFF: long press, to power on or off; short press, to postpone or to play
WIFI/APP: short press, to switch between different modes(USB/LINE/WIFI/BT)/ in WIFI mode, long press more than 3 seconds to activate the net-connecting mode.
BACK: short press go to last song; long press, to lower the volume
NEXT: short press, next song; long press, to increase the volume
WIFI module connection:
First, join the WIFI network using our APP guidance
1. Before doing this you must connect your phone to the router or portable wifi hotspot
2.Wifi module start:
When powering on, switch to WIFI mode, note when the WIFI indicator starts to flash, don’t connect yet. For the WIFI system is in activation.wait for about 30 seconds, when you hear the prompt tone that system activation is complete, then you can search to connect to the WIFI.
3. APP download
Search for “MUZU” Player with your mobile on Baidu, select downloading the “MUZO Player” Client.

Package included:

1 x DIY WAP-X600 Wifi Audio Player Kit(You need to assemble it yourself)

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